Rolling Stone covers UAV!!

Magazine Credits UAV with Renewed Interest in Grinstead Case

Late last month, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation held a press conference in the courthouse in Ocilla, Georgia. The GBI had come down from Atlanta, some 168 miles away, to announce that they had arrested Ryan Alexander Duke for the murder of Tara Grinstead, who had disappeared without a trace 12 years earlier. As the crowd jostled for room in the packed courthouse, a pastor lead the group in a prayer, and then Agent J.T. Ricketson, a spokesperson for the GBI, took the microphone. He offered thoughts and prayers to Grinstead’s family, and recognized the community’s support during the long search. He then paused to thank the media for their help. “You guys have just been phenomenal in this whole endeavor,” he said. “Please know that you have had an impact, a significant role in this investigation and I am confident that today we have reached the point where we are in this investigation because of that involvement.” While he didn’t name names, everyone in that courtroom knew what he was referring to – a podcast called Up and Vanished.

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